A quick update on where we’re at, and what we’re doing:
  • We have incorporated in the State of New Mexico
  • We have hired consultants in the industry to help us through this process. This is a group of people who’ve been in the industry for over a decade
  • We have retained some really great attorneys to write our operating agreement, help us with trademarks, help with securities and other investor stuff, and provide general business counsel. We will meet with a patent attorney later
  • We are almost done with the first draft of our business plan
  • We are working with a local business development group
  • We are staring to write some of our education curriculum
  • We are looking for a commercial realtor, and looking at different locations around the Albuquerque Metro area where we may want to open our retail space, education center, and consumption lounge
  • We hired an industrial and organizational psychologist to help us create an amazing work environment

What is happening with the State:

  • A lot is unknown, and patience is needed, but it’s getting sorted.
  • The public comment for producer regulations is open until June 29th. Once those are finalized we expect they’ll then turn to retail regulations. Other permits are coming later. The exact timeline is unknown, but they could be soon

There’s a lot happening and things will be increasingly clear as we move forward!




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