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Jungle Fire

$4/g    $10/8th OTD    $25/14g OTD    



$10/8th OTD    $25/14g OTD

Da Funk

Indica Hybrid

$10/8th OTD    $25/14g OTD

Jack Herer


$5/g    $15/8th    $30/7g    $60/14g    $100/OZ OTD

Blue Gelato #41


$5/g    $15/8th    $30/7g    $60/14g    $100/OZ OTD

Wedding Mints

A balanced hybrid with a pungent, earthy aroma and euphoric effects.


Northern Lights

An indica with a sweet and spicy aroma, known for its relaxing effects.



A hybrid strain with a floral aroma and long-lasting, uplifting effects.



Jack Herer

A sativa-dominant strain with a pine and citrus aroma, known for its creative effects.


Girl Scout Cookies

A hybrid strain with a sweet and earthy aroma, known for its euphoric effects.


Bubba Kush

An indica strain with a sweet, hashish aroma and relaxing effects.


Durban Poison

A pure sativa strain with a sweet, earthy aroma and energizing effects.


Guest Flower

Maui Wowie

A sativa strain with a tropical aroma and uplifting, energizing effects.


Purple Haze

A sativa-dominant strain with a sweet, earthy aroma and euphoric effects.


Lemon Haze

A sativa strain with a citrus aroma and uplifting, creative effects.


Cherry Pie

A hybrid strain with a sweet and sour aroma, known for its relaxing effects.


Gorilla Glue

A potent hybrid strain with a strong, earthy aroma and relaxing effects.



An indica strain with a sweet, berry aroma and calming effects.



Classic OG Pre-Roll

A timeless blend of OG Kush, perfect for relaxation.


Blue Dream Pre-Roll

A sweet berry aroma with a balanced high.


Pineapple Express Pre-Roll

A tropical, energetic experience with a hint of pineapple.


Granddaddy Purple Pre-Roll

Indulge in a rich, grape-flavored relaxation.


Sour Diesel Pre-Roll

A fast-acting, energizing strain with a pungent aroma.


White Widow Pre-Roll

A balanced hybrid with a smooth, earthy flavor.



Cannabis-Infused Gummies

Valley of Fire: Live Hash Rosin Unflavored Gummies

 100mg  10 pack – $25 (10mg per serving)

50mg 10p – $15 (10mg per serving)

Yum Clouds

THC                  10 pack – $25   2 pack – $6  (10mg per serving)

1:1 THC/CBD 10 pack – $20   2 pack – $6  (10mg per serving)

1:2 THC/CBN 10 pack – $20  2 pack – $6  (5/2.5mg per serving)

CBD                                             2 pack – $6



Sativa                               $20/100mg (10mg per serving)

Indica                               $20/100mg (10mg per serving)

Hybrid 1:1 THC/CBD – $20/100mg (10mg per serving)        



Mango Chile – $15/100mg (20mg per serving)

Sangria          – $15/100 mg (20mg per serving)

Margarita      – $15/100mg (20mg per serving)



Sunbaked Goodies Infused Macarons

$20/40 mg Bag (10mg/macaron)

$30/100 mg Bag (10mg/macaron)

Water Soluble THC Powder

100mg pack – $20 (10mg per serving)

300mg pack – $30 (10mg per serving)

Karma Lemonades

100mg Bottles – $20

500mg Bottles – $30

800mg Bottles – $35



Lemon Haze Shatter

A potent, citrus-flavored concentrate.


OG Kush Shatter

A powerful, earthy concentrate for deep relaxation.



Blueberry Wax

A fruity, high-potency wax for a smooth experience.


Pineapple Express Wax

A tropical wax with a strong, uplifting effect.


Live Resin

A fresh, flavorful concentrate with high terpene content.


Girl Scout Cookies Live Resin

A sweet, potent resin with a balanced high.



Sour Diesel Rosin

A solventless extract with a pungent aroma.


Granddaddy Purple Rosin

A rich, grape-flavored rosin for deep relaxation.


Gorilla Glue Rosin

A sticky, potent rosin with a strong, earthy flavor.


Tangie Rosin

A citrusy, uplifting rosin for a refreshing experience.


Wedding Cake Rosin

A sweet, vanilla-flavored rosin with a balanced high.



Our Guest Flower section features exclusive strains from partner farms that share our commitment to quality and sustainability. Each strain is handpicked to ensure it meets our high standards, offering you a unique and premium experience.

Indulge in our Pre-Rolls, meticulously crafted for convenience and enjoyment. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or new to cannabis, our pre-rolls provide a smooth and satisfying experience, perfect for any occasion.

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