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Jungle Fire

An intoxicating, creeping high that gets conversational and giggly. This flower has all the gas but still manages to be piney fresh.

$4/G     $10/8th     $18/Quarter     All Orange Prices are Out the Door (tax included)


$4/G     $10/8th     $18/Quarter     All Orange Prices are Out the Door (tax included)

Da Funk

$4/G     $10/8th     $18/Quarter     All Orange Prices are Out the Door (tax included)

Jack Herer

All the punch of a skunky, sticky weed but without insisting upon itself, with hints of pipe tobacco in the finish. It produces a strong high characterize by relaxation and euphoria.

$4/G     $10/8th     $18/Quarter     All Orange Prices are Out the Door (tax included)

Blue Gelato #41

$4/G     $10/8th     $18/Quarter     All Orange Prices are Out the Door (tax included)

Wedding Mints

This is the perfect strain for a lazy day off, when productivity isn’t the goal. 

$4/G     $10/8th     $18/Quarter     All Orange Prices are Out the Door (tax included)

Rainbow Belts

Front smell of lemon but the smoke has a hint of berry. A mellow and sweet hit. The high is very up, very energetic and euphoric. You want to put on some tunes and get those dishes done. Don’t bring this to a party though, people that aren’t into that early harvest intensity may not have a good time. If you know how to ride that vibe, this is the one for you. 

$8/G     $24/8th     $45/Quarter     $80/Half     $150/Oz

Apple Fritter

A super even keel hybrid. Fruity in the bag with a floral smoke that gives hints of nutmeg. This comes on right away with a spacey, creative, and happy high.

$8/G     $24/8th     $45/Quarter     $80/Half     $150/Oz

Gelato Mac

$8/G     $24/8th     $45/Quarter     $80/Half     $150/Oz

Purple Sunrise

Sticky deep green, and with a hint of pie, this is serious business. If you need to remember that one acid trip or do some serious stuck in quicksand method acting, this is the one for you. Remeniscent of the stuff the old heads would call “the kind”.

$10/G     $30/8th    $55/Quarter     $110/Half Oz     $200/Oz


Light and euphoric. The quick onset can take you aback, but it soon mellows into a giggly happy high that doesn’t make you freeze or bounce off the walls. 

$10/G     $30/8th    $55/Quarter     $110/Half Oz     $200/Oz


This flower shines above most other indicas. It smells deep and roses with hints of lavender. It has a spongy and dense bud structure with gold bands under a frosting of dark jungle green. Find a comfortable spot before you toke because this flower hits like a muscle relaxer. Deep relaxation from the neck to the toes, and leads to a giggly and happy feeling. Enjoy a conversation with friends after dinner, rewind after a long day, or post workout therapy. 

$10/G     $30/8th    $55/Quarter     $110/Half Oz     $200/Oz

Jalapeño Jelly

A little sweet and spicy, this is a treat to smoke. An even euphoric high that keeps you mellow without glueing you to the spot. Puff on this before dinner and again before bed.

$10/G     $30/8th    $55/Quarter     $110/Half Oz     $200/Oz

Banana Hammock

The sweet alluring nose of the this flower doesn’t prepare you for the pungent gassy punch that comes behind the smoke. This one hits you right away and you should probably be sitting down. Your picky weed-snob friends will ask you where you got this one.

$10/G     $30/8th    $55/Quarter     $110/Half Oz     $200/Oz

Slurty #3

$10/G     $30/8th    $55/Quarter     $110/Half Oz     $200/Oz

Triple Burger

$10/G     $30/8th    $55/Quarter     $110/Half Oz     $200/Oz

Oregon Wine

Oregon Wine smells like the Blue Ridge Mountains over 4000 feet. The smoke is fiery, but tangy in the nose at the same time. It breaks up easily for how sticky it is, the tip of each bud seems to culminate in a little hash ball. Hands-down the best smoke for stress and muscle tension.

$10/G     $30/8th    $55/Quarter     $110/Half Oz     $200/Oz

Blue Dream

Tastes deep and earthy with a touch of berry sweetness. High is exactly what you’d expect, very up, very heady. Powerful high with a focused feeling.

$10/G     $30/8th    $55/Quarter     $110/Half Oz     $200/Oz

Django’s Fire

Comes in with a sinus opening flavor that earns the name of fire. It starts off with an energetic euphoria that makes you wonder exactly what kind of ticket you just bought, but it mellows into a smooth relaxing buzz.

$10/G     $30/8th    $55/Quarter     $110/Half Oz     $200/Oz

Chimera #3

These nugs are not fluffy, they’re pillowy, like green velvet. A smooth smoke that really lets you fill your lungs. Careful folks, this’ll cross your eyes.

$10/G     $30/8th    $55/Quarter     $110/Half Oz     $200/Oz

Guest Flower


The Good Herb



The Good Herb


Permanent Marker

The Good Herb


Banana Haze

Manzano Vista Botanicals



Enchanted Farms

$11/g     $35/8th

Cheek Pie

Enchanted Farms

$11/g     $35/8th


In House Pre-Rolls rolled by Impact Farms

Our signature pre-rolls are made with all flower and are rolled instead of packed in cylindrical form. This offers an even burn all the way to the end and even our smallest rolls can pack the hit you need.

$3/.35g     $5/.5g     $9/.75g

Infused pre-rolls rolled by Impact Farms

These pre rolls are made the same way our signature in house pre rolls are, but live rosin is kneaded into the flower before it is rolled up. This helps prevent any rosin pockets and gives a smooth infused high.

In house $12/.5g

Impact Farms $20/.75

Valley of Fire $20/.75g

In House Blunts

2 gram blunts hand rolled in a hemp wrap.

$15-$25 Depending on Strain

In House Cannagars

5 and 10g cannagars molded and frozen to maintain shape, then rolled in a hemp wrap.

$55-$130 Depending on strain and size

Encore Brand Pre Rolls

Currently available in Larry OG, Gary Payton, Blueberry haze, and Papaya


Kief Infused Pre Roll

Baby Yoda



Cannabis-Infused Gummies

Valley of Fire: Live Hash Rosin Unflavored Gummies

 100mg  10 pack – $25 (10mg per serving)

50mg 10p – $15 (10mg per serving)

Yum Clouds

THC                  10 pack – $25   2 pack – $6  (10mg per serving)

1:1 THC/CBD 10 pack – $20   2 pack – $6  (10mg per serving)

1:2 THC/CBN 10 pack – $20  2 pack – $6  (5/2.5mg per serving)

CBD                                             2 pack – $6



Sativa                               $20/100mg (10mg per serving)

Indica                               $20/100mg (10mg per serving)

Hybrid 1:1 THC/CBD – $20/100mg (10mg per serving)        



Mango Chile – $15/100mg (20mg per serving)

Sangria          – $15/100 mg (20mg per serving)

Margarita      – $15/100mg (20mg per serving)



Sunbaked Goodies Infused Macarons

$20/40 mg Bag (10mg/macaron)

$30/100 mg Bag (10mg/macaron)

Water Soluble THC Powder

100mg pack – $20 (10mg per serving)

300mg pack – $30 (10mg per serving)

Karma Lemonades

100mg Bottles – $20

500mg Bottles – $30

800mg Bottles – $35





Blue Kush by Yerba


Zack’s Cake and Wedding Punch by Terp Junkies


Star Dawg Guava by Herbal Edibles


Live Hash Rosin

In House Live Rosin made by Valley of Fire

Jalapeño Jelly

Sweet Zombie


Goldfish Farms Live Rosin

Sour Peaches


Congolese Bubblegum


Valley of Fire

Super Melonade


Our Guest Flower section features exclusive strains from partner farms that share our commitment to quality and sustainability. Each strain is handpicked to ensure it meets our high standards, offering you a unique and premium experience.

Indulge in our Pre-Rolls, meticulously crafted for convenience and enjoyment. Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or new to cannabis, our pre-rolls provide a smooth and satisfying experience, perfect for any occasion.

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